Samples of My paintings
Louloua Maleh is Canadian originally Syrian born in Damascus in 1983. In 2006, she received a Bachelor Degree from the fine Arts Faculty of Damascus, Syria, Interior Architecture department. In summer 2012, Louloua Maleh fled Damascus to seek peace and security, heading Montreal with most of her immediate family, leaving their home and personal effects behind. She had always turned to the creative arts as a means for self-expression. But those events were definitely the catalyst for the series to come. It is almost impossible to define Louloua’s paintings as belonging to or following any one style or school of art. A versatile artist, who crossed stylistic borders in search of new ways of expressing herself, Louloua produced a rich collection of works. Each shows that she never hesitated to move from one medium to another. Various series mark specific periods in her life that also illustrate the focus of her research. Her overall production, are telling examples of the depth and scope of her talent. “Like dreams seen through closed eyes, these images blurred in detail and in background and put focus on that which is important. Only leaving a notion of the surrounding in dramatically colored auras. These many facets of the nebulous states in dream depict contrasting themes of loss and nurture, protection and pain, anxiety and hope, memories and direction, distance and perspective, anger and courage, Dark hues veiling abstracted characters in seemingly sorrowful and bittersweet auras. This raging inner fire represented through flames and light, executed through knives on canvas becomes a form of active meditation. These directly autobiographical works are mainly concentrated around the many representations of seemingly identical characters. All linked through the different emotional phases of the same situation and their transition through it. The artist creates in mixed media with very hard and brutal textures indicative of a powerful reaction to a helpless situation where geography and time dictate our future. A strongly profiled, Babylonian hieroglyphic aesthetic on an almost stone-like surface texture, echoes of the east. It is natural for the creative mind to always explore new technique. It is less common that one chooses to explore the diverse styles of realism and abstraction together. The process is a meditation mostly without plan. And otherwise diverted from any plan. Her background as a designer can be seen reflected in the many different choices and harmonies of color, as well as the composition.” ~Micheal Sapienza, Designer and Artist. Few of her paintings that are shown were painted while in Damascus, and they were all completed after the start of war there. Those paintings had to undergo a long trip before being brought back to Montreal. It took them two years until they arrived. They were left in her car, towed to Lebanon for protection from what is going on in Syria. That left few cracking marks on them, which after all gave them a beautiful touch. Finally, in 2014, the artist found out a way to let people send the collection safely to Montreal.